Carter T. Lund

Carter Lund comes from a family of hair designers and started his career as a Salon Professional in 1986. His father practiced hair for 43 years in San Diego and operated a slew of Salons named George’s Hair Designs. His mother also worked and helped operate the salons. As a child, Carter went to his father's salons and was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds in the salon. He even cleaned and polished the floors of the salons during summer breaks to help out his family.

Carter received his training at San Diego City College and after passing his State Board he went to work in one of San Diego’s most prestigious full service salons named Rebecca Paige and Associates as their one and only full time assistant. “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Here I was working with 8 extremely busy hairstylists who themselves didn’t have time to go to the restroom and I was assisting them!!!!! The experience I gained was priceless." That time taught me that 'THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO LEARN, NO MATTER HOW LONG A PERSON HAS BEEN DOING HAIR'. During his many years of practicing hair, Carter also has had opportunities to have his work published in thousands of hair styling publications, including Passion, Inspire, Process and Sophisticates Hairstyle guide.

Over the years, Carter has trained with Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell, Eufora, Jingles, Pivot Point and Vicky LaVanty. Carter’s passion for color was prevalent and he had always consistently used Framesi Hair Color, so he became a Framesi National Technician. As a Framesi Design Group Member, he currently teaches in-Salon Demos and National Hair Shows for the company because his passion for Framesi is so strong, it’s just the best color in the world!!!!!

"I LOVE DOING HAIR!" Carter loves making people feel great about themselves. It isn’t just about slapping color on someone and trimming the hair. It’s about the Experience - Everyone should have a GREAT Experience!

Charlene 'CHARLIE' Lund

The daughter of a military family, Charlie grew up in the Southern California city of Santee – Fate's first step toward her life with Carter T. Lund. She actually met Carter for the first time at a class he was giving during her days in cosmetology school. But their paths didn't cross again until the fledgling cosmetologist began working at Carter's salon as an associate.

Charlie and Carter continued their hairstyling work following their move to Austin, Texas – and after five years, the opportunity to open their own salon in the Capital City opened up. Charlie remembers those days as “one of the most rewarding parts of our careers.” Today Charlie wears many hats at A Carter T. Lund Salon, including Owner, Salon Operator, Human Resource Manager, Salon Cleaner, Salon Merchandiser, and Salon Retail Consultant.

While family comes first for Charlie, her career as a salon professional rates a close second. By 7am she's already deep into the nitty-gritty of the salon's everyday operations, creating beautiful looks for her delighted clients whole performing her other numerous duties as a business owner. Charlie never stops working to enhance our clients' lives – and she never wants to!

Even after all these years in the beauty industry, Charlie continues to discover exciting new challenges, interactions and insights that help fuel her enthusiasm for her work. She feels very strongly that you can never learn enough, and over the years she has continued to hone her skills at such specialized areas as evening hair and color correction. Her great passions include serving as a National Technician with Framesi, sharing her knowledge and expertise helping other salon professionals around the nation – and with our own wonderful staff at A Carter T. Lund Salon.

“The thing that has surprised me most about A Carter T. Lund Salon is our TEAM. I am so blessed to be part of a FAMILY of Salon Professionals that strive to be the best of the best and have the same goals as Carter and myself. Our guests are simply THE BEST. Our team is incredibly fortunate to have a melting pot of guests who choose our salon to bring out their beauty.”

Carter T. Lund - National Italian Style Team Member

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